Long Live the Old School Method of Enjoying Books

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a traditionalist. I like to do things as they were done before, provided that’s the best way to do them. In some cases, new may be better, but I don’t like to believe that.

You can bet my traditionalism creeps into my reading habits. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than visiting a bookstore, smelling the scent of books (yes, I do think they have one), and thumbing through their thick pages. The experience of reading the book is what helps make it so great!


I have to shake my head at those who read E-Books. They’re missing out on so much! I’ll admit I have yet to read one, but I can tell you now I never will. Yes, they may be convenient, store multiple stories, and take up less space, but you can’t dog ear an E-Book. You can’t judge the story based on how worn its cover and pages are. We have enough screen time in our daily lives without adding reading to that ever-growing list.

It’s impressive when you own a ton of books. Personal libraries and collections are amazing and wonderful. I don’t know about you, but an E-Book doesn’t make me say wow. If I wanted to, I could pull any book off my shelves, open it up, and see highlights upon highlights of sentences that resonate and speak to me. Can an E-Book do that? (I honestly don’t know).

In my opinion, a physical copy of a book will always be better than an electronic version. Am I wrong? Let me hear it!

To you E-Book readers out there, I implore you: take a break, rest your glazing eyes, and go back to the basics of reading.

Happy reading!