Long Live the Old School Method of Enjoying Books

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a traditionalist. I like to do things as they were done before, provided that’s the best way to do them. In some cases, new may be better, but I don’t like to believe that.

You can bet my traditionalism creeps into my reading habits. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than visiting a bookstore, smelling the scent of books (yes, I do think they have one), and thumbing through their thick pages. The experience of reading the book is what helps make it so great!


I have to shake my head at those who read E-Books. They’re missing out on so much! I’ll admit I have yet to read one, but I can tell you now I never will. Yes, they may be convenient, store multiple stories, and take up less space, but you can’t dog ear an E-Book. You can’t judge the story based on how worn its cover and pages are. We have enough screen time in our daily lives without adding reading to that ever-growing list.

It’s impressive when you own a ton of books. Personal libraries and collections are amazing and wonderful. I don’t know about you, but an E-Book doesn’t make me say wow. If I wanted to, I could pull any book off my shelves, open it up, and see highlights upon highlights of sentences that resonate and speak to me. Can an E-Book do that? (I honestly don’t know).

In my opinion, a physical copy of a book will always be better than an electronic version. Am I wrong? Let me hear it!

To you E-Book readers out there, I implore you: take a break, rest your glazing eyes, and go back to the basics of reading.

Happy reading!



The First Story

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to read. I begged my mom to take me to the library, stayed up way past my bedtime to finish a great page turner, and requested books for any holiday that made giving presents almost mandatory. And you know what? Twenty some years later, not much has changed. I now beg my husband to let me loose in Chapters, go in haggard to work because a book was just too good to put down, and still request gift cards at major holidays (birthdays included!).

Where did this wonderful obsession come from? To tell you the truth, I can’t remember! I can’t remember my age or where I was, but I do remember the story–that wonderful, magical, colorful book.


It was titled Winnie the Witch, and I loved it. The story was of a witch that lived in a big, old house all by her lonesome with her cat. Everything was black–her house, her clothes, and her cat. Boy did she love that cat, but she always tripped over it since it blended in. In a moment of fury, she cast a spell and turned her cat colorful. Each body part was a different color. She loved that she could see him anywhere, but saw how embarrassed he was around his other animal friends. In the end, she turns her house and herself colorful and puts her beloved cat back to its original color.

It doesn’t sound like much, does it? But little Erinn loved it, and I’ll always remember it as my first story.

I want to know what yours was! What story started you on your reading obsession?